Reshaping the Practice of Litigation
WHAT IF you could visualize all relevant legal issues from your brief immediately?

WHAT IF you could analyse the historical outcomes of those legal issues at a glance?

WHAT IF you could convert hours of extensive search into minutes of actionable insights?

WHAT IF you could craft winning litigation strategies and advise your client faster than usual?

Introducing Lexis® Analytics Malaysia
Lexis® Analytics Malaysia is the first of its kind analytics tool designed to revolutionize the practice of litigation with advanced knowledge extraction capabilities, giving you unsurpassable data-driven insights. The power of artificial intelligence that’s deeply embedded in Lexis Analytics Malaysia is deployed across thousands of case law documents to pinpoint the related and relevant legal issues and to analyze your case outcomes in an intelligible visualization, helping you spot your winning strategy in a glance, and plan informed tactical moves in your legal battle.

Competitive Intelligence from Draft to Trial
Experience a step change in your case discovery phase that offers you the competitive intelligence you need in crafting your strategy.

Get started by simply keying or copying and pasting information from your matter in free text onto the Input Box, without the need to break it down into smaller components or identify keywords in a conventional search. The Artificial Intelligence identifies key facts, legal issues, citations and entities (such as court, citation or jurisdiction) from your input, and provides the outcome analytics based on the historical case law data applicable to those components. 

In-depth Analysis with Powerful Analytics
Convert hours of extensive search into minutes of actionable insights. Leverage on visualization technology to get valuable insights in building your best strategy. 

The Legal Issue Relationship Graph displays the most relevant legal issues extracted from your brief, as well as other relevant issues that may have been missed. This helps to verify and leave no stones unturned in early stages. This feature allows you to visualize the interconnections between the issues and the “popularity” or rate of occurrence of each issue in historical case law data all in a graph.

Raising the Bar with Data-Driven Insights
Uncover legal issues and historical citing patterns, trends and outcomes to support your position.

Get insights into litigation outcomes, for cases involving legal issues and facts similar to your matter with the Case Outcome Analysis charts. Narrow into a specific legal issue or fact to analyze the percentages of favorable and unfavorable outcomes. You can look even further, to analyze the subsequent judicial treatment, and to understand the authoritative strength of the cases with favorable or unfavorable outcomes.

Build your Case on the Best Authority
Best way to be confident is having your case built on the best authority. Turn insights into actions with integrated case recommendation. Lexis  Analytics retrieves a list of case law documents from your select legal issues with a summary of key factors and outcome, alongside a link to access the full text on Lexis Advance. Recommended Cases helps to expedite your case law search and zero in on relevant cases, giving you important support for your argument or a newly overturned decision.

LexisNexis is constantly improving by adding innovative tools and features that advances your practice.

Experience a new kind of lawyering with Lexis® Analytics Malaysia. Request for a trial now.

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